Data Backup

GMS enlists Data to protect Data on PC well

GMS is completely intended to provide technical support to all kinds of data back-up and recovery solutions regardless of the brand of PC or laptop you have. If you want to have back up of the data stored in your laptop or desktop, then you are at the very right place-GMS Technologies (GMS).

At GMS, our certified technical experts will help you to have the best possible solution to all your PC related problems. They mean to help you in creating the data back-up of all the data you have in your PC and can also help you to form the back-up of your windows. Also, if you want an instant solution to data back-up for any data you deleted from you Bin as well, we may assist you to recover that data.

The data in your PC is susceptible. It may be erased due to different reasons. You would have enduringly deleted the file; a system crash would have arisen; there could be a malware infection. Each of these states of affairs comes different from each other. But the problem is the same. GMS knows well how to perform data recovery and keep away from further destructions.

Corrupted data would not give you the original information. So you have to be patient until you recover the original files. If you need to avoid all these irregularities the better way is to carry out online data backup. This method will allow you to recover your lost data. The data will still be in your disk and you may get well it by using certain software tools.

When it comes to your inimitable business data and the business systems you depend on, it is better to be safe. With our state-of-the-art data backup technology and the ability to rapidly get well a complete server anywhere at any time, GMS keeps your business safe from irregular threats.

In general, GMS has the best-of-technology you need to defend your company, and the expert support to back it all up. We give data backup, computer network maintenance and computer hard drive backup that can really defend your business from the elements.

Whether your business needs Offsite Data Backup and Recovery Services, Online Backup, Hard Drive and Data Backup, Computer Backup, Online Disaster Recovery Plan, Virtual Data Recovery, Hard Drive and File Data Recovery, Computer Recovery, Remote Data Backup, or a Business Continuity Plan, we are there when you need us.

Our Data Recovery Services

  • GMS utilizes legitimate software to get well your lost data.
  • We give support to perform online backups to defend your data.
  • We recover your data in its original format.
  • GMS will offer various other services based on your request.


With GMS, there is no hardware to maintain, no wires to connect, no tapes to cope with. We simply install the software, and GMS takes care of the rest. Your files are backed up robotically and constantly in the background, so your backup keeps on up-to-date and your employees may stay focused on their jobs. Also believe in GMS is liable to observe backup jobs to be sure there is never a break in service.


Whether it is your email, client records or invoices, GMS makes restoring lost files fast and easy. If anything happens to any file, GMS gets it in your backup and reinstates it to its original location.


Your data backup is encrypted at all the times and stored on disk arrays that are infinitely more reliable than the average consumer internal or external hard drive. At GMS, our state-of-the-art guarded data centers defends your backup from theft, and anything else that may occur at your office.


With Anytime, Anywhere Access, employees may access their data from any Internet-connected computer, or from the most smartphones using our services.