GMS adds in Hardware Service to set up Hardware

GMS is known as the fastest growing remote tech support provider and we do support the set up and installation of hardware by offering step-by-step supervision over the phone. Though we are the trusted friends who recognize hardware and even from miles away, we may also guide you on how to take your hardware out-of-the-box and place it up in such a way that you may rest assured that every cable is in the right socket and the configuration of hardware you have bought is most favorable for you.

GMS’s Hardware Maintenance Services mean to enhance operational efficiency and develop IT availability by making available you to:

  • Cope with your IT infrastructure budget with expected, controllable costs : With the various fixed cost pricing options, GMS is fully meant to enable easy budgeting for current and the future needs since hard-to-control variable costs are replaced by fixed costs.
  • Remove the cost and headache of multiple service providers : With the GMS’s multi-vendor capabilities, you may diminish to the number of service providers you need to hold up a broad range of products and environments.
  • Scale support rapidly and easily : GMS’s global infrastructure lets you to enlarge or decrease your domain at any time. You eradicate indirect costs and the need for additional language and time zone coverage.
  • Take advantage of state-of-the-art technology : It comes in vision without the burden of assessing, buying, implementing and supporting it.
  • Access critical skill sets : With GMS’s multi-vendor expertise, covering most leading technologies, to make sure that you get the expert support you need.
  • Re-focus on your core business : It manages well to more strategic initiatives, while getting to the best IT infrastructure support available.

Scope of Our Service

  • Setup & installation of any new or upgraded hardware over the phone for one flat rate.
  • Suggested checks RAM, Memory and OS compatibility.
  • Post setup support the installation of OS and other software.
  • Immediate access anytime to expert technicians via the Internet Skilled technicians to suggest on the maintenance of your hardware and newly installed software.

Benefits to GMS Hardware Services

  • Smooth IT operations right from the start with the shortest possible downtimes
  • Range of service level options allowing the right level of availability for hardware
  • Freedom for your internal IT specialists to focus on their core business
  • Front up once-only payment with Support Pack
  • Well projectable, no hidden costs

So, keep to all your PC’s products healthy and running at the top speed with our online hardware support services. Make a diagnosis and resolve to the hardware-related issues with our PC Diagnostics. Also, update or reinstall your PC, install printer drivers and firmware, connect to a network, access service manuals and user guides, and get support for all other PC’s products.