Setup & Install

GMS banks Setup & Install to help in Software Installation

Know to GMS an abundant banking of best-in-class online tech support for computer related problems, so is believed fully to tackle any kind of PC’s issues. Though computers are an essential part of our lives, computers seem also liable to make our life stress-free. There are various types of computer models. If you have difficulties in assembling computer, then call GMS for instant tech support. Some of the more superior set-up tasks GMS may embark upon consist of software installation and operating system migration. For example, if you look to upgrade your PC from Windows 7 to Windows 8, technician from GMS can flawlessly make the switch for you.

GMS is fully determined to offer computer installation services for its valued customers. The company helps you to bring together your computer and constitute its settings. As GMS is known as certified professionals, this also means to adhere to Microsoft’s most stringent standards. More than 90% of its customers have preferred the company for its eminent and satisfactory service.

In total, the company never leaves its customers discontented. GMS is well-mannered, diligent, focused and talented. Having repaired more than 1000 computers in the US, the company is considered to make you sure for an outstanding experience. As a result, the company takes in your tech problems and gives relevant solutions.

So, do not think twice if you have a new Computer or an old one needing to the upgrades. At GMS, you need only to schedule an appointment with our professional right now. Purposely, GMS would help you with basic set up as well as installation of Microsoft Operating System, review of internet settings, external device connection, data migration (if any), and software upgrades.

Our Computer Installation Services :

  • Install necessary software which you have already bought
  • Alter Operating system if you have a preference to change
  • Setup user account settings
  • Microsoft tech support
  • Proper disk partitioning
  • Hard drive backup & recovery settings
  • Make better computer performance and speed
  • Setup internet settings
  • Setup audio and display settings
  • Protect web browsing support
  • E-mail support
  • Give technical assistance to setup hardware settings such as how to attach your monitor, keyboard, mouse and marginal devices.
  • And other services based on your request

Remote Tech Support : Fast and Convenient

At GMS, online tech experts of computer come with remote access of customers' computers through a secure online connection. By fixing remotely to a PC or the associated peripherals, its technicians may make a diagnosis and troubleshoot to the various problems. So, the customers can observe on their computer screens all the steps that are executed by the technicians. The tech support can be made available right from the comfort of home without any need to take the devices to a repair shop. Hence, it is a fast and convenient way to make a decision on the technical problems.